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Reindeer tracking by Prismaquality is getting publicity all over the world. PrismaQuality became a VAR of Globalstar this spring and already started to happen.  Read the news from below.

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Upcoming solutions – In tests

Sigfox SimplePack Plus is being tested in working hour monitoring of a large rental machine fleet in Finland. Remote working hour monitoring tool is under development work during summer 2019

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Greenland visited

We were proud to give 2 satellite trackers for the group on finnish expeditors travelling over the Greenland icecap in April 2019. Trip was a success from all points of view!

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PrismaQuality serves consumers, companies of any size and system developers with IoT – devices, web-tools and mobile applications. From our product range there can be found suitable sensors for almost any kind of customer and for almost any kind of application. As data services and alert generation, we use several types of mapping solutions and wide range of use case taylored platforms. As communication routes, up-to-date IoT – networks, traditional cellular networks and satellite communication networks are all used regularly.


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PrismaQuality is testing new SimplePack Plus in calculation of machine working hours. Based on vibrations and changes in position, SimplePack Plus reports the machine daily up time. Working hours can be viewed in web-application where it can be deduced when the machine has been used and for how long. Remote monitoring is performed with a small and cheap battery powered device connected to internet.



SimplePack Plus includes press button, accelerometer, light detector, temperature sensor, reed sensor, magnetometer, WiFi sniffer and a sigfox modem. Number for possible use cases is endless. The battery in SimplePack Plus lasts for sending of 30 000 messages. Please contact PrismaQuality if you have any idea or application in your mind where you would like to test SimplePack Plus.

Succesfull trip across Greenland

About this trip we are going to hear. Prismaquality joined finnish expedition through Greenland Icecap during April 2019. With us also thousands of interested followers, relatives and friends were able to join the expedition. At same time PrismaQuality could point out the incredible properties of a satellite GPS tracker managing in very severe cold conditions.


PrismaQuality made it possible to follow the travel of a team of finnish border guards through Greenland Icecap. During their expedition they historically managed to reach an abandoned radar station DYE-3 from times of cold war as first finns.

HalkiGrönlannin (link to expeditions page)
Group had two SmartOne C – satellite trackers. Both devices where sending a message in every three hours; every 1,5 hours there came a new message with location. During nights the trackers installed on the sledges were buried under heavy snow so the final number of location messages was 220. Conditions varied from total white out and heavy storms with 50m/s wind to -30 °C temperatures.

Our Best Sellers

Level Measurement

PQ – Level is a level sensor designed for outdoor applications. Battery life for 4 messages day is 5 years (level and temperature). Sigfox network ensures low connection costs. Units are delivered in connected state. In FoxerIoT – platform the generation of email- or SMS-alerts is an easy task.

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Location (Sigfox, 2G/3G)

PQ – Tracker is a battery operated GPS – tracker for demanding conditions (IP67). Battery life as long as 5 years. As default, Sigfox-connection is preferred; connection does not require anykind of mobile- or internet connection from the user side. Also cellular version (2G/3G) available; for example for vehicle logbook.

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Location (Satellite)

Wilderness in Lapland, mountains, oceans. This is something that you can rely on; It just works and whitstands (SAE, MIL, IP68). Battery operated tracker using satellite communication for data transfer.

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Temperature and Humidity

PQ – Tempguard and PQ – Twinguard are measuring temperature and humidity through 2 probes with cable of 5m. Measurement period for both devices is 30min and battery lasts 5 years. Applicable for outdoor use! Both sensors are particularly popular among concrete molding where the temperature and humidity have a crucial consequence on the quality.

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Sigfox Simplepack

Ligthweight, cheap and miniature battery operated Sigfox -device; press button, accelerometer, light detector, temperature sensor, reed sensor, magnetometer, WiFi sniffer and a sigfox modem ensures versatile possibilities. Use for example burglar alarm, to count up time, mailbox alarm, position detector…

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Here we succeed

Todays citizen is surrounded by different kind of IoT – applications even without noticing them particularly. Manufacturing of things we consume, construction of buildings we live in or transportation of products we buy, has in most cases took advantage of some kind of IoT – system. PrismaQuality has developed and delivered systems into branches listed below; It is very likely that also you in your every day life have been gaining benefit from the use of IoT – system of PrismaQuality.

Construction sites

Logistics and Transportation

Recycling and Collecting

Home, Living and Office

Reindeers, Agriculture, Hunting

Sea transportation, Sea signs

Machine Rental

Wilderness, Hiking, Mountains

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