Fill Level – dustbin

PQ – Level is a battery operated remote level and distance sensor with battery life of 5 years with 4 messages per day. Battery interchangeable. PQ – level is applicable for outdoor usage also in Scandinavian climate.

Silos and Containers

Automatic grain-, pellet-, and sand container or silo fill level detecting.

PQ – level and FoxerIoT – platform

Follow one device or all devices at a time. Alarms can be generated into your mobile device. Login to FoxerIoT to check readings from our demo sensors in garbage bins, cesspits and sand container all over the country. FoxerIoT platforms can be taylored by the user itself and limits & actions for alerts can be set into most convenient states.

Get to know our FoxerIoT – platform and demo dashboards. Test user is a read only account. (Username: , Pass: testi123).

PQ – Level

PQ – Level ultrasonic sensor returns liquid or solid levels via acoustic waves. It is ideally suited for monitoring liquid tank levels, the filling rate for clothes container, refuse bins or agricultural silos.


    • Dimension: 60 x 33 x 85mm (109mm including fixing brackets)
    • IP65 classified
    • Default configuration allows target detection up to 3 meters (option: can be extended up to 6 meters). Detection of objects from 0cm to 20cm range as 20cm or closer
    • The acoustic detection pattern has angle of 7 deg. The geometry of the detection pattern depends mainly on the size, orientation and acoustic properties of the target, but also atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity
    • Battery operation
    • For European, Japan, North America markets
  • Certified LoraWan 1.0.2 class A & C and Sigfox networks